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Butterfly chairs are a kitschy, comfortable sort of easy chair that came out of Argentina in the 1940s. Initially created as part of a design for an apartment building being built by Antonio Boney, Jorge Ferrarri Hardoy, and Juan Kurchan in Buenos Aires they quickly caught the imagination of interior designers everywhere.

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List Of Top-Rated Butterfly Chairs:

Brown Leather Butterfly Arm Chair Home DecorArtncraft Leather Butterfly Chair22x16x27in
Iron Pipes, LeatherView on Amazon
Urban Shop Mongolian Faux Fur Butterfly ChairUrban Shop WK65994529x27x37.5in
Faux FurView on Amazon
Mainstay WK656338 Butterfly ChairMainstay WK65633832x26x35in
Microsuede Fabric, PolyesterView on Amazon
Urban Shop WK657560 Mongolian Butterfly ChairUrban Shop WK65756029x27x37in
Metal, Polyester Faux FurView on Amazon
PatioPost Butterfly Camping ChairPatioPost CS62336-BR28x16x34inStaple Cotton Fabric, SteelView on Amazon
Giantex Folding Butterfly ChairGiantex HW5444527x35x37in
Polyester Fabric, Sponge, Solid Wood, MetalView on Amazon
Mainstay Butterfly ChairMainstay Butterfly Chair30x31x39in
Microsuede Fabric, MetalView on Amazon

From that point forward, they have remained an essential part of interior dรฉcor, especially those focusing on a modern/contemporary design scheme. This was precisely the direction I was headed with the art space I was designing, and I knew that butterfly chairs would perfectly suit the environment.

The question was, which butterfly chairs? There were so many to choose from that I had to take some time winnowing down my final options. The end result was my Final Seven list that Iโ€™ve composed below.

Below Iโ€™ve included seven pieces that caught my eye in my own research. They wound up serving my needs, and one of them is certain to be the right selection for you. Even if you donโ€™t find one you want on my list, it will serve as a great starting point for your own research.

Review of the Best Butterfly Chairs:

1. Brown Leather Butterfly Arm Chair Home Decor

This butterfly chair has the classic appearance of one of the original chairs found in Buenos Aires. The frame of the chair is high-tensile strength iron bars that support the beautiful all natural leather.

The material used in the construction of this piece is durable and long-lasting, needing infrequent oiling to keep the leather fresh and resilient.

First Impressions
I immediately fell in love with this style of butterfly chair, and why wouldnโ€™t I? It has all the charm and beauty of the original piece designed by Boney, Hardoy, and Kurchan all those years ago.

The sturdy construction meant that it would hold up through the years and support even the largest of my circle of friends. The only drawback to this particular piece is that the leather only comes in one color; the benefit is that it is the rich golden-brown of the high-quality natural hide.


  • Real Leather Design
  • Iron Frame
  • Overall dimensions: W: 22โ€ D: 16โ€ H: 27โ€

2. Urban Shop Mongolian Faux Fur Butterfly Chair

An inviting variation on the traditional butterfly chair this unit comes fitted with beautiful white or black faux fur for a sitting experience akin to resting on a cloud. Foldable design makes it a perfect chair for when guests arrive or for a dynamic space that needs frequent rearrangement for different activities.

The material adds cozy warmth to a room that makes it perfect for colder environments.

First Impressions
While Iโ€™m confident that this wasnโ€™t what Hardoy had in mind when he first designed the Butterfly Chair, I canโ€™t imagine he would object to this innovation on his design. One of the problems with traditional conceptions of butterfly chairs is that they offer little in the way of protection from the elements.

Considering that the original design was intended for use in the warm climate of Buenos Aires this isnโ€™t particularly surprising. For those of us who live where the weather likes to turn chilly, it can be an issue. Thatโ€™s what I loved so much about this design.

The feeling of warm fake fur against your skin makes it a cozy place to sip hot cocoa or enjoy a book on a cozy winter evening. Its easy fold design makes it a cinch to move around to catch the best sun spots.


  • Foldable Design for Easy Transport
  • White or Black Fur Seating Available
  • Cushioned for Comfort
  • Overall dimensions: W: 37โ€ D: 29โ€H: 27โ€

3. Mainstay WK656338 Butterfly Chair

The robust polyester design of these chairs cushion provides a durable and easy to clean surface. The padded microsuede design ensures a comfortable sitting experience while supported by a sturdy metal frame. Total weight capacity of this chair is 225 pounds, yet it can easily be folded up and tucked away for storage or use on the go.

First Impressions
This chair immediately caught my eye both for its attractive design as well as its comfort and versatility. The space I was looking to furnish would benefit from a versatile seating arrangement, something that was possible with foldable seating.

The polyester material with microsuede finish meant that the chairs would both be comfortable to use and easy to clean; Important factors to consider for long seminars with preeminent artists.

The strength of the chair meant that most of our patrons would be able to sit comfortably without fear of it collapsing, in spite of its foldable design.


  • Foldable design
  • Microsuede finished polyester material
  • 225lb capacity
  • Overall dimensions: W: 32โ€ D: 26โ€ H: 34โ€

4. Urban Shop WK657560 Mongolian Butterfly Chair

This kitschy design has a plush fur design for enhanced comfort. Sturdy metal frame brings a striking brazen tone to the design. The fur is available in white, aqua, lavender, and black. Can be bought alone or in pairs. Foldable design makes it easily portable and versatile for use. Max weight of the chair is at 225lbs, making it sturdy enough for most users.

First Impressions
The first thing that drew my eye to this piece was the striking bronze color of the supports, especially when compared with the white and black fur options. I also appreciated that this came in a greater array of colors, making it a perfect selection for my art space.

Colors could be used to designate seating for special guests and preferential seating, or just to add a splash of design to space. This last was particularly important given that I was furnishing an art space. The capacity of the chair was suitable for my needs, and the foldable design meant

I could accommodate any number of guests easily.


  • Polyester fur covering
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • 225lb load capacity
  • Variety of colors
  • Overall dimensions: W: 29โ€ D: 27โ€ H: 37โ€

5. PatioPost Butterfly Camping Chair

This sturdy and straightforward design is suitable for exterior use. Optimal for camping arrangements and outdoor settings. Removable cotton seating material is available in tan and grey, and is durable, comfortable, and is easy to clean. The frame is made of black steel and weather sealed for long lasting support.

Once assembled the chair is not foldable and is capable of holding 350lbs.

First Impressions
This piece caught my attention, not because of its beauty but instead due to its durability. Our art space also has outside workspaces that would benefit from having easily cleaned and durable chairs available.

The ability to properly clean the material of the seat was vital, given that these could not be folded and would need to remain in place. The durability of these pieces is also exceptional and made them an excellent option for when we had larger guests for our art seminars. I also felt that my patio at home would benefit from these a great deal!


  • Removable cotton cover
  • Non-Folding steel supports
  • 350lbs capacity
  • Overall dimensions: W: 28โ€ D: 16โ€ H: 34โ€

6. Giantex Folding Butterfly Chair

This striking grey butterfly chair is made from a variety of durable materials, including polyester fabric, wood, and metal. Folding design makes for a useful piece for multi-use areas. 220Lb load capacity means most people can use it.

This seat comes with a side-bag that can hold multiple items, including books, sunglasses, drinks, sunscreen, and more. Comfortable headrest serves to support the neck and head during long periods of relaxation.

First Impressions
Youโ€™ll be unsurprised to learn that the side pocket on this chair is what initially caught my attention. This was the only one on the list that came with additional storage, which was a feature I felt was missing from most butterfly chair designs.

The material was attractive and durable as well but only came in a single color. The headrest looked underwhelming at first but turned out to be remarkably comfortable. Even better, this one also folded and was a viable option for preferential seating.


  • Sturdy polyester fabric materials
  • Folding steel and wood supports
  • Convenient side pocket
  • Comfortable headrest
  • Overall dimensions: W: 27โ€ D: 35โ€ H: 37โ€

7. Mainstay Butterfly Chair

This striking black velveteen butterfly chair comes on a frame of resilient metal. Primary seating material is a velveteen polyester with a memory foam padding for a wonderful sitting experience. This chair is easily foldable for ease of transportation and uses in dynamic spaces.

First Impressions
I was looking for the most comfortable option available, and this was one of the only ones I found with a memory foam cushion as part of the seat. The plush material used to cover it is comfortable and pleasant to touch, but could perhaps be a bit warm on our sunnier days.

The folding nature of this chair makes it suitable for our spaces needs, but the memory foam can prove challenging to clean since the chair can be taken apart, but the memory foam filler canโ€™t be removed. An attractive option for its comfort value, but there were some problem points.


  • Memory foam cushion
  • Collapsible design
  • Plush material
  • Overall dimensions: W: 30โ€ D: 31โ€ H: 39โ€


How To Pick A Butterfly Chair

As I mentioned previously, there is an enormous number of chairs available on the market today that fit the โ€˜butterfly chairโ€™ description. The trick is determining which one is right for you, and that requires putting together a list of features that are essential for you in your chair.

The first design element to start with is the material. Butterfly chairs come in a staggering variety of materials, including leather, fur, plastic, and nylon fabric, just to name a few. Within these options youโ€™re going to find every color of the rainbow, so that would be the next thing to focus on.

Some butterfly chairs come with foldable bases that make them easy to take with you to events or gatherings, while others have a static frame that provides greater durability. Once youโ€™ve gotten through these features, thereโ€™s really only one thing left to consider, and thatโ€™s whether you want one with extra features.

These features can include caddies for holding drinks, sunglasses, books, and other accessories you may want to have with you while you lounge in your chair.

These options represent the sheer diversity of options youโ€™ll be faced with when you go shopping for your own butterfly chair, but they also show you just how versatile this style of chair is and how it can fit many needs and design styles.


In the end, I opted for the Urban Shop for our interior space in no small part due to the variety of colors it came in and the two-for-one option that served as a cost-saving measure. The Patio Post chair was selected for the art spaces outdoor areas due to its weather-resistant quality and ease of cleaning. Anyone looking for a butterfly chair would do well to consider one of the above options, they represent a diverse and versatile selection of butterfly chairs.

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