Brown Leather Ottomans (Review & Buyer’s Guide)

The ottoman has been a long-respected part of home furnishings for longer than you might imagine. In 1299 the Ottoman Empire was founded, and from that day forward the furniture that bore their name became a favorite piece of home fashion décor.

While it began as a large armless couch that would nearly encircle a room, it has gone through quite a metamorphosis through the centuries.

It first lost its back and its size, becoming a backless couch that was intended to be moved and arranged to make suitable seating. Then it was reduced even further to become a piece of corner furniture or footstool.

One of the things that has remained a constant is brown leather’s place as a favorite upholstery material for ottomans of every shape and size.

Equally capable of fitting in with humble home décor and in the most lavish of clubs, brown leather brings durability, beauty, and elegance to this age-old furniture. I knew that I wanted any ottoman I owned to be made of this material and was unsurprising when I discovered that it limited my choices very little.

Below I’ve included five of my favorite ottomans made of one of the world’s most beautiful materials.

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List & Comparison of Brown Leather Ottomans:

Baxton Studio Nox Brown Leather OttomanBaxton ST-19-Dark Brown16x16x15in
Bonded Leather, Fabric, PlasticView on Amazon
HomePop Leatherette Tufted Square Storage Ottoman with Hinged LidHomePop Assembled Height17.5x17.5x17.5in
Faux LeatherView on Amazon
Christopher Knight Home 220515 Harley Leather Espresso Tray Top Storage OttomanChristopher Knight Home 22051531x31x18.5in
Bonded Leather, HardwoodView on Amazon
Safavieh Hudson Collection Ryder Leather Square Flip Top OttomanSafavieh HUD4007A18x18x17in
Bicast Leather, BeechwoodView on Amazon
Safavieh Hudson Collection NoHo Tufted Brown Leather Square Storage OttomanSafavieh HUD8231A17.5x17.5x16.5in
Bicast Leather, BeechwoodView on Amazon
SONGMICS Storage Ottoman Cube with Hinged Lid/Footrest Stool/Coffee TableSONGMICS ULSF60Z15x15x15in
Faux Leather, MDF, Pine WoodView on Amazon


How To Pick A Brown Leather Ottoman

As I mentioned above limiting yourself to one upholstery material and one color doesn’t do much to limit your options when selecting an ottoman. There are countless styles in a variety of sizes that are sure to meet your decorating needs.

Among them, you will find mid-century pieces with their iconic legs and the circular design, box ottomans that are both versatile and sturdy, and even bench ottomans for those looking for a little space. Looking for function as well as a form? No problem. Ottoman’s have developed to be capable of serving multiple purposes.

Some of the come with interior storage space, others are foldable, and some of the most interesting have flip top lids that can serve as a flat surface, serving tray, or a seat.

In addition to the general shape and function, you’ll also find a panorama of visual styling that can include tufted upholstery, channeled upholstery, and real brass tacks just to name a few potential varieties.

My final five list includes as many examples as I came across during my search for my new furniture, but I guarantee you this is just the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully, this will serve as a starting point for those looking for a new brown leather ottoman.

Review of the Best Brown Leather Ottomans:

1. Baxton Studio Nox Brown Leather Ottoman

This sturdy brown ottoman is a classic piece of the style and is capable of serving as both a comfortable seat and footstool. The upholstery is made from multiple leather panels bonded together to create a square design.

The bottom of this piece is lined with black fabric and comes with four plastic legs that are anti-skid to protect your floor. Its style brings a sophisticated and sleek appearance to any room.

First Impressions

This piece is a perfect example of some of the standards of ottoman design. Simple and straightforward its boxlike design is sure to compliment any room, especially given the neutral color. The leather upholstery is sturdy enough to deal with years of active use by family members of all ages.

I was specifically looking for a piece to fit my living room that was a strong argument for it. I appreciated that the legs on this piece were remarkably understated, ensuring that they would be capable of protecting the surface they were placed on without dominating the appearance of the piece.

While I have no objection to substantial legs on mid-century designs, I prefer the understated style for these box ottomans.


  • No-Skid Plastic Legs
  • Durable leather upholstery
  • Sturdy enough for footstool, chair, or step stool use.
  • Overall dimensions: W: 16” D: 16” H: 15”

2. HomePop Leatherette Tufted Square Storage Ottoman with Hinged Lid, Brown

This is a classic piece of ottoman style that features a multi-function design combined with sturdy construction. The tufted top brings an elegant and composed look to the piece, while the interior storage ensures that it will be able to serve multiple functions in any space it’s used it.

The cherry color of the legs provides a gorgeous accent to the rich brown leatherette upholstery of the piece. The wooden frame provides it with a respectable 250lb weight capacity making it usable as both a foot-stool and additional seating while being light enough to easily pack away.

First Impressions

This piece immediately caught my attention as an improved version of the first one, at least for my purposes. It retained the general box style design that I was looking at but added internal storage. The legs on the stool remain largely understated and give it an appealing look that would properly suit my living room.

The lid doesn’t have a hinge but is fully removable which is a configuration I find convenient, though there is something to be said to a lid with hinges. The sturdy design meant that I could also use it to change the light in the ceiling fan in my living room. Overall I felt it would make an excellent addition to my living room.


  • Interior storage space
  • lift-off lid
  • 250lb Load Capacity
  • Overall dimensions: W: 17.5” D: 17.5”H: 17.5”

3. Christopher Knight Home 220515 Harley Leather Espresso Tray Top Storage Ottoman, Brown

This ottoman features a rare design including sectioned interior storage and four lids that can individually be flipped to turn into four high-walled trays. The bonded leather material of the ottoman ensures that it will be able to withstand constant use and remain easy to clean.

The wooden frame is darkly stained to accent the espresso color of the leather upholstery. The upholstery design is in an elegant channeled format that brings a sophisticated look anywhere this piece is present.

First Impressions

I was astounded when I saw this piece; it was easily one of the most interested and dynamic pieces of ottoman furniture I had ever seen. I had seen numerous ottomans that had flip top covers with serving trays, but never before had I seen one with four individual storage spaces and serving trays all in one ottoman.

The dark espresso color of the bonded leather upholstery perfectly complimented the staining used for the wooden frame, resulting in a visually stunning piece I’m proud to say is in my living room. The small trays are one of the best parts of this whole thing, we use them for game nights, for feeding small children in the living room, and anything else we can think of. It’s easily my favorite piece on this list!


  • Four section interior storage
  • Four lids that flip-over to create small trays
  • Beautiful and easily cleaned bonded leather
  • Overall dimensions: W: 31” D: 31” H: 18.5”

4. Safavieh Hudson Collection Ryder Leather Square Flip Top Ottoman, Brown

This ottoman is upholstered in beautiful brown bicast leather and constructed out of durable beech hardwood. It has an internal storage space with a lid that is supported with a safety hinge, providing ease of access. The material used for upholstering this piece is stain-resistant and can be cleaned with a mild cleanser and soft towel.

Its modern design makes it a perfect addition to any décor.

First Impressions

This ottoman comes in beautiful brown leather and is an incredibly simple piece. The upholstery is sheer brown leather that fits perfectly in with most color schemes, and the interior storage space is easy to access thanks to the safety hinges that hold the lid in place while you get access the contents.

The hardwood frame, made of resilient beech, ensures that this ottoman will be able to survive hard use, while the bicast leather ensures it’ll be easy to clean.


  • Interior Storage
  • Safety-hinged lid
  • Bicast leather for ease of maintenance
  • Beech Hardwood construction for added durability
  • Overall dimensions: W: 18” D: 18” H: 17”

5. Safavieh Hudson Collection NoHo Tufted Brown Leather Square Storage Ottoman

This modern style ottoman is uphosltered with brown bi-cast leather with a fusion of tufted and channeled design. The top is a lid that provides access to an interior storage space perfect for remotes, toys, towels, pillows, blankets, and more.

With a birch hardwood frame, this piece is sturdy enough to be used as a footstool or chair by most people. The lid is hinged to provide easy access to the interior storage space. Four wooden legs are dyed to complement the upholstery material. Modern design fits in well with most styles of décor.

First Impressions

This is another variation on the theme, but I was particularly attracted to the channeled style they opted for with the upholstery. Even better they didn’t abandon the traditional tufted style, using it access the appearance of the top of the ottoman.

The interior space is lined with black fabric, and I found it very useful for holding DVD’s, game controllers, and other incidentals in my living room that didn’t have a place to be.

Thanks to the hardwood frame I also found it useful for a step-stool when the need arose, but it isn’t officially intended for this so I can’t recommend others use it that way.


  • Channeled brown bi-cast leather surface
  • Hinged lid provides access to interior storage
  • Birch hardwood frame ensures sturdy design
  • Overall dimensions: W: 17.5” D: 17.5” H: 16.5”

6. SONGMICS ULSF60Z x 15” Storage Ottoman Cube with Hinged Lid/Footrest Stool/Coffee Table, Holds Up to 660lbs, Faux Leather, Brown

A traditional ottoman in the modern style upholstered with faux leather in a coffee tone. Upholstery is smooth along the four sides while retaining a tufted top for a classic feel. The interior storage space is accessed by lifting the seat, which is also a hinged lid.

The plush top makes for comfortable seating, and the sturdy MDF frame provides an exceptional load capacity of 660lbs, making it not only sturdy but suitable for a variety of uses. The legs are made of a richly stained pine that serves to protect surfaces and also provide a beautiful contrast to the lighter tone leather.

First Impressions

I immediately loved the color of this piece, appreciating its lighter tone in contrast to the other offerings on this list. I was also incredibly impressed with just how durable this piece of furniture is, its load capacity making it more than sturdy enough to hold my entire family, even if the surface area makes that impractical.

The hinge worked smooth and seamless, making accessing the interior space easy and practical. The faux leather exterior also meant that it was easy to clean, stain-resistant, and durable enough to face rough use.


  • Lid features a safety hinge to prevent pinched fingers
  • Faux leather exterior is easy to clean
  • MDF construction provides 660lb Load Capacity
  • Overall dimensions: W: 15” D: 15” H: 15”


These give ottoman represent some of the best out there in brown leather (and faux leather). I ultimately ended up getting two of the ones that had the four mini-trays, they were just perfect for our weekly get together with our friends. The SONGMICS ottoman found their way into my office, while my wife bought one for her sewing room. They’re really incredible pieces of furniture and we’ve had no complaints since we brought them into our home.

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