An Affordable Blender for Smoothies and Juicing Here: Comparison & a Piece of Advice!

“Smoothies have become the biggest craze, especially among those who are trying to be health-conscious. There is something about the delicious flavor and tantalizing texture that makes eating right easy.

Thankfully, this rise in popularity has also resulted in a new generation of blenders that are specifically designed to handle making countless smoothies at home. The future is here, and it’s smooth and delicious.”

List & Comparison of The Best Blenders for Smoothies:

Ninja BL482Ninja BL4821000 watts18 + 24 + 32 oz.View on Amazon
NutriBullet NB9-0901NutriBullet NB9-0901900 watts32 + 24 oz.View on Amazon
Blendtec TB-621-20Blendtec TB-621-201560 watts75 + 32 oz.View on Amazon
Ninja BL480DNinja BL480D1000 watts18 + 24 oz.View on Amazon
Vitamix 001372Vitamix 0013721380 watts64 oz.View on Amazon
Oster BLSTPB-WBL-000Oster BLSTPB-WBL-000400/250 watts20 oz.View on Amazon
Oster BLSTVB-RV0-000Oster BLSTVB-RV0-0001400 watts64 oz.View on Amazon
NutriBullet N17-1001NutriBullet N17-10011700 watts30 oz. + 1LView on Amazon
Vitamix 36019Vitamix 360191800 watts48 oz.View on Amazon
Hamilton Beach Stay or GoHamilton Beach Stay or Go650 watts32 + 2x16 + 8 oz.View on Amazon

There’s no questioning that the rise of the smoothie has resulted in an incredible number of new lenders entering the market. In the beginning, it really all started with juicers, but it didn’t take long for smoothies to rise to prominence.

Smoothies have the best combination of juicers and whole foods blended together into an ice-cream like a treat. The only issue with these health-conscious treats is that they’re pretty hard on the blenders we use to make them.

When making a smoothie you need a blender that’s capable of handling making hundreds of smoothies over a number of years. The most enthusiastic smoothie enthusiasts have them for breakfast and lunch, and often they’re making them for their families as well.

This means that your blender needs to be able to handle an incredible amount of abuse and keep on ticking.

When I went looking for a blender for my own smoothie obsession I knew that I needed something that would go the distance. There was a lot of research that went into selecting the right one, and you get to benefit from it.

Below I’ve put together a list of my Top Ten selections, which I finally chose my perfect blender from.

Review of the Best Blenders for Smoothies:

🥇 1. Ninja BL482 Blender for Smoothies

The NutriNinja brings you this fantastic personal blender with built-in Auto-IQ technology. Using this built-in program you get settings that combine pausing, blending and pulsing patterns that can produce the perfect smoothie while retaining motor life.

Every time you use it the digital countdown makes it a breeze to know when your smoothie is complete. Auto-IQ also makes sure that the vital vitamins and nutrients in your drink remain intact. This unit is usable with both the small and regular sized Ninja cups.

First Impressions

This blender really did an incredible job of producing smoothies and drinks, and I put it through its paces before sending it back. It performed admirably and I would have been happy to receive it as a gift, but I was on a mission for something specific. There’s nothing bad to say about it, it’s amazing.


  • Compact Design
  • Digital Countdown


  • Auto-IQ Technology
  • Pre-programmed Settings

🥇 2. NutriBullet NB9-0901 Blender for Smoothies

This powerful system comes with an impressive 900 Watt motor with precision designed blades made to extract nutrients and proteins from your food using cyclonic action. Every time you use this machine you’ll be able to emulsify vegetables and fruits by breaking them down and pulverizing them into a rich and nutritious blend.

This NutriBullet PRO is compact and portable making it easy to fit into any size kitchen space or office. It’s designed to be easy to clean with a quick rinse under your tap, making it easy to use and easier to clean. This set includes membership to their site with over 700 recipes and a team of registered dietitians.

In the box, you’ll find a High-Torque Power Base, a 32 Oz Colossal Cup, a 24 Oz Tall Cup, A Comfort Lip Ring, an emulsifying extractor blade, a handled lip ring, and a flip-top lid along with a manual and pocket nutritionist.

First Impressions

The Nutribullet really lived up to its reputation, producing incredibly high-quality food with ease. The 700 recipes that came with the unit were actually pretty delicious, and I loved the cups and pocket nutritionist. They were really handy, a great find.


  • 9 Piece Unit
  • NutriBullet Site Membership


  • Auto-IQ Technology for Perfect Smoothies Every time
  • Enhanced nutrient extraction

🥇 3. Blendtec TB-621-20 Blender for Smoothies

This incredible Blendtec blender makes it possible to whip together a delicious and nutritious smoothie in no time at all. We all only have so much time in the day, and there’s no reason we should have to spend it with a slow blender.

The Blendtec Blender comes with a special technology that causes the food in the blender to form a vortex that ensures that it all gets pulled steadily through the blades to create a perfect smoothie in no time.

Even better its incredible design makes it self-cleaning as well. Just press the self-cleaning button and its pre-programmed cycle will begin, cleaning the jar and the blades in no time. BlendTec represents the most advanced blenders in the world and will let you spend more time living than cooking or cleaning.

First Impressions

This blender deserves its reputation as an incredible piece of blending technology, and an essential part of your kitchen accessories. I found that I could use this blender for absolutely everything that involved a blender. Instant ice-cream? You bet. Hot fresh soup? One bowl, one blend. Drinks? Want a margarita? It’s all there as fast as you could want it.

The speed involved is essential as it doesn’t give the device time to build up heat and transfer it into the smoothie. The best part of this blender is that its capable of doing some incredible things. You won’t get heat when you don’t want heat, but you can blend up soup in it and have the blender heat it as you go.

No need to mess up another pan, you can just serve it straight out of the blender. As if that wasn’t enough this blender can also make ice-cream with ease. Whether you’re looking for a dessert, a drink, the main course, or an appetizer the BlendTec Blender can handle it all.


  • LCD Timer Screen
  • Self-Cleaning Feature


  • Heating and Cooling Features
  • Powerful motor and blades

🥇 4. Ninja BL480D Blender for Smoothies

This is another great offering from NutriNinja and features their proprietary Auto-IQ technology. The combination of powerful motors and high-speed operation means you can produce the perfect smoothie in no time at all. The digital countdown features lets you know exactly when your smoothie has been perfectly blended. With the high-tech design, you’ll know for certain that the nutrients and vitamins in your food will remain in your food rather than being cooked out of existence. This unit comes with a 24 oz and 18 oz cup.


  • 1000 Watt Motor
  • Pro Extractor Blades


  • Auto-IQ technology
  • Instruction Guide With Recipes

🥇 5. Vitamix 001372 Blender for Smoothies

Vitamix has a reputation as one of the premier brands among professional chefs, and are common in some of the finest restaurants in the world, and at home. Whether you’re focused on making healthier food choices or are wanting to pursue the culinary arts this device is capable of going the distance with you.

Using this blender you’ll be able to produce blenders as delicious and thick as any restaurant, if you’re serious about smoothies this belongs in your kitchen.

Its construction is the pride of Vitamix, who believes that their customers deserve resilient blenders that will last. These blenders are built for dependability, not to make money off of their customers by making it disposable. Part of its incredible design is focused on making cleaning a breeze.

One drop of dish soap, a cup of water, and 60 seconds at maximum speed and you’ll have a pristine clean device.

First Impressions

The biggest call for blenders in the modern market is for those using smoothies to pursue good health. Whether you want a blend that is perfectly smooth or has a delicious icy texture, the Vitamix can make it happen. Fruits, veggies, nuts, and more can all be processed down in this incredible machine.

This may not be the most powerful blender on the market, but it doesn’t have to be. The design of the machine makes it get more out of every watt. Over-engineering isn’t necessary with precision technology like this. Every blend will preserve the flavor while producing a smooth blend quickly.


  • 18 oz and 24 oz cup
  • Easy clean features


  • Auto-IQ Tech
  • 1000 Watt Motor

🥇 6. Oster BLSTPB-WBL-000 Blender for Smoothies

The Oster Travel Sports bottle blender is designed for creating smoothies to get keep you focused on your workout and weight goals with ease. You can blend up your drink right in the sports bottle and then wash it in your dishwasher. No worries about transporting it either, it will fit in almost any cup holder in standard vehicles.

Once you’ve downed your shake or smoothie you can rinse it out and use it to stay hydrated while you go the distance. With 400 watts of power, you can crush ice and then finish it off with 250 watts of blending power. Get it all done with just one touch.

First Impressions

This device caught my attention in spite of its low wattage and odd design. In fact, it was the odd design that drew me to it. I ended up taking it and installing it in my office space so I had it easily available. It was super convenient and easy to use, and was surprisingly easy to clean out.


  • 400 Watt Ice Crushing
  • 250 Watt Blending power


  • Easy To Clean
  • Blender to Car Portability

🥇 7. Oster BLSTVB-RV0-000 Blender for Smoothies

Oster is known for producing some of the best kitchen appliances available on the market, and this blender is no exception to its reputation. This powerful machine comes with 1400-watts of ice crushing, fruit smashing, nut grinding power that spins at speeds in excess of 250 MPH.

Where most blenders fall short this one power through to create the ultimate culinary experience. You can create hot soups, whisk sauces, grind nut butter, whip up sorbets, and blend smoothies all in one versatile and powerful machine.

First Impressions

Oster builds for durability and convenience. This machine has three pre-programmed settings as well as a pulse option to make creating your favorite dishes a cinch.

When used for producing soups you won’t even have to cook it, the 28,000 RPM motor produces so much heat that it can cook soups right in the carafe. It’s also gentle enough that it can easily create ice cold drinks, it’s all about the setting.


  • 1400-Watts of Power
  • 3-Programmed Settings


  • All-metal Drive For Durability
  • 2 Recipe Books Included

🥇 8. NutriBullet N17-1001 Blender for Smoothies

The Nutribullet is powered by a devastatingly powerful 1700-Watt motor that makes this machine capable of producing steaming hot soups or ice-cold smoothies with ease. The RX is capable of breaking down anything you want to feed it into a smooth and delicious consistency.

This technology makes it possible for the machine to produce warm beverages, sauces, hot soups, and smoothies while retaining all of the inherent nutrients and vitamins found in their ingredients. On top of all of these great features, you also get a book that includes customized recipes that suit many types of health concerns.

First Impressions

The reputation Nutribullet has for high performance is well deserved and in this model, it’s absolutely staggering what it can accomplish. In the end, this is the blender I went with, the power of making hot soup in one bowl combined with the ability to make ice cream in an instant was the selling point. All of the recipes that come with it were a great bonus to the purchase.


  • 1700-Watt Motor
  • Programmable Buttons


  • Recipe Book included
  • Make Hot Soups Without A Pan

🥇 9. Vitamix 36019 Blender for Smoothies

This blender really brings more to the table than you might expect, and does it while remaining comfortably quiet and efficient. This device produces fantastic drinks, delicious smoothies, and amazing soups and sauces with convenience and ease. Anything you put in the Vita-Mix blender gets turned into a liquid in as little as 10 seconds.

First Impressions

The preset options are pretty incredible as well, coming with 35 programmed settings that can be configured for one push operation using the six programmable buttons. Cleaning it is a cinch, just put in water and a drop of dish soap and run it for 60 seconds to produce a perfectly clean device in a minute.


  • Quiet Operation
  • Magnetically Secured Back Cover


  • 48 Oz Polycarbonate Container
  • 6 Programmable Button

🥇 10. Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Blender for Smoothies

If you’re looking for a small blender that can bring all of the punch of a full-size model then the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go is for you. With this blender, you can grind hard cheese, mix up a delicious smoothie, and produce incredible puree sauces in no time at all.

First Impressions

It comes with a total of four different containers in different sizes so you can make as much or as little as you need. Each of these containers are perfectly designed to match with most travel cup lids.

Want to grind up herbs or spices for shaking on foods? Just throw them in the 8oz cup, blend it up to a shakeable powder and then put on the shaker lid for serving!


  • BPA Free
  • 8-Piece Set


  • 2 Single Serving Jars
  • Completely Portable


What is the best blender to make smoothies?

Making the perfect smoothie requires that you have a blender that can handle what’s involved. A smoothie, when made right, is perfectly smooth without any chunks or grittiness from underprocessed ingredients. Avoiding this requires a powerful motor that can keep the blades turning at a high enough speed to completely break down all of the ingredients.

They also need to be well designed to avoid overheating. Smoothies can be remarkably thick, and if the motor on your blender isn’t up to the task you may burn it out. It also has to be able to work quickly, pulverizing the ingredients with a rapidly spinning blade that doesn’t slow down when things get thick.

The heat isn’t just a danger to the lifespan of your blender, either. The heat from the motor can’t get to the food. Heat is known for breaking down the natural nutrients that are found in vegetables, fruits, and other foods. By leaving them entirely raw yet pulverized to a smooth delicious paste you get the most out of your smoothie.

The best blender will meet all of these specifications and produce the perfect smoothie.

How do I choose a blender for a smoothie?

Before you can select a blender for making smoothies you need to know what kind of blenders there are. When most people think of a blender they immediately have a traditional counter-top blender come to mind. While these are one of the most common styles and are able to be found in almost any home, they aren’t the only kind.

There are also hand blenders, also known as immersion blenders or stick blenders. These blenders are handheld and are perfect for making soups, gravies, sauces, and smoothies that only contain soft ingredients. They don’t have the power or punch of the countertop blender, but they are easy to clean and use.

Then there are the High Performance Blenders. These blenders are perfect for pulverizing fruits, vegetables, nuts, even ice if you want to make a frozen smoothie. They tend to have larger capacities paired with powerful motors that don’t shirk from hard work. If storage is a concern they may be a little large for your space, but they can definitely make any smoothie you throw at them.

Between the countertop blender and the high-performance blender lay the personal bullet blender. These devices are designed to create small servings without sacrificing the power to make smoothies out of just about any ingredient. The best of them can break down ice and crush nuts to butter without flinching. If it’s just you and maybe one other eating smoothies, then this blender will do the trick.

Beyond your choice of style, you’ll have to consider the capacity and quality of the blender. You’re going to want to find a good blender with a solid warranty and a reputation for long-term high-performance so you don’t end up having to replace it.

Can I use a normal blender to make smoothies?

It is possible to use a normal blender to make smoothies, but there are a few considerations you need to think about when you do. Normal blenders don’t tend to have the durability to make smoothies on a regular basis, putting your motor at risk of burning out.

They also have a tendency to get things caught under the blades since they aren’t designed for making smoothies. Both of these issues can be mitigated if you know how, but if you’re regularly making smoothies you really don’t want to have to fuss with it every time.

The biggest issue really is the longevity of the blender. Traditional household blenders aren’t meant for daily use with heavy fruits, fibers, and ice. This kind of treatment can beat up the blades, wear down the motor, and ultimately leave you with a broken and burned out blender that needs to be tossed.

If you’re looking at making smoothies on a regular basis it’s time to invest in a specialized blender.

What is the easiest blender to clean?

This is a critical issue when you’re considering making smoothies on a regular basis. The nuts, seeds, and fiber from the fruits you’ll be blending can all get caught in the nooks and crannies of your blender.

If you don’t carefully clean them out then you can wind up with fruit-flies and foul odors coming from your blender. Getting a blender that’s easy to clean is a great way to help mitigate this concern.

The absolute easiest to clean is probably the stick, or immersion, blender. It starts by sticking the blending end in a cup of warm water and running it to quickly remove material from inside the blade chamber. Then you just wipe down the outside with soapy water, dry it off, and you’re done.

Traditional blenders and high power blenders are usually cleaned using the same method. You have to take them apart to get between the gaskets and seals, but they are designed to come apart easily and then be easily reassembled. This is a little time consuming but it’s a cinch to clean it.

Bullet Blenders are kind of a hybrid when it comes to being easy to clean. Put a little soapy water in your bullet blender and run it to clean out a lot of the general debris. Then you have to take a little extra time to get into the nooks and crannies on the unit. Overall they aren’t difficult to clean, but it does take a little time.

Is the Nutri Ninja better than the Nutribullet?

Given that these two blenders are the top of their industry at the moment, it makes sense to take a moment to compare them. Bullet blenders are great accessories for people who have fast-paced lives and need a convenient and easy to clean way to create smoothies to get them through the day.

If you’ve been considering buying one, then you should consider the following about these two brands.

SharkNinja is responsible for the production of the NutriNinja, a company that produces some of the premier coffee makers, full-size blenders, and food processors on the market.

Nutribullet has focused its business on producing bullet blenders exclusively. This focus has led to them creating blenders the unique innovations like connecting to your smartphone app.

Nutribullet’s line has incredible power, and their focused development means that all they care about is creating the next great blender. The blades in the unit are durable stainless steel more than capable of pulverizing anything you put in the blender.

Add to this that they use BPA free plastic that resists damage and you’ve got an incredible little device. They’re strong enough to get used with ice, frozen fruit, and anything else you want to throw at them.

The NutriNinja line of blenders is also an example of fine quality in kitchen appliances. They’re more than capable of handling ice, frozen fruits, and can even make nut butter.

One of the best parts of the design is the varying size cups you can attach to each unit. Rather than having one sized cup for each of their units, there are three different cups that will attach to each of them. This means that one blender is more than capable of handling all your smoothie needs.

Which one of these brands is best is really a matter of opinion, objectively they’re nearly the same in terms of quality and performance. For my purposes, I’d simply go with the one that’s currently at the best price. Those multi-sized cups for the NutriNinja are a strong selling point though.

How many watts should a good blender have?

My personal experience has led me to believe that any blender that’s packing under 1000 watts simply isn’t powerful enough to handle day to day use for family smoothies. The exceptions to this are the bullet blenders due to their rather specific size and design.

The watts of a blender directly translates into how much power they have available to break down your food and turn it into an easily digestible liquid state. When it comes to a good blender for smoothies, you absolutely should not shirk on wattage.


If you’re looking for a new blender that can meet all of your families needs, then you want to take the time to carefully select the right one. These blenders are all great choices depending on your individual need, but the NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 stands out as the most incredible selection of the bunch. There’s nothing this device isn’t able to do, and it has time and time again proved capable of taking anything I happen to throw at it. Take the time to select the right blender so that it will meet your needs and hold out for years to come.

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