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I found myself being able to set out on a journey for a rare treat recently, the hunt for a desk big enough to suit my needs. Most of my life Iโ€™ve had to compromise the size of my desk for my living space, but after a recent move, I found myself with a home office space worthy of the name.

Since I finally had the space to get the desk Iโ€™ve always wanted, I set out online to see what the marketplaces had to offer.

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List Of The Big Desks I Found:

SHW Big Computer DeskSHW Big Computer Desk51x24x28inSteel, Environmental Particle BoardMore Information
Walker Edison Big Gaming DeskWalker Edison Big Gaming Desk51x20x29inGlass, SteelMore Information
Tribesigns Big White DeskTribesigns Big White Desk55x23x29inEnvironmental Particle WoodMore Information
Luxxetta Big Office DeskLuxxetta Big Office Desk55x28x29inLaminated Particle Board, Stainless SteelMore Information
SHW Big L Shaped DeskSHW Big L Shaped Desk51x19x29inSteel, Tempered GlassMore Information

When you have room for a large desk, you find that your options become pretty extensive, so I had to take some time to narrow down the desks I found into my final five lists, which I am happy to provide for you to aid you in the start of your own search for a large desk.

Best Big Desks Review:

Big desks are often a significant financial investment, so it makes sense to take care of the process of selecting the final piece. By putting together a list and carefully sorting your options, youโ€™ll wind up with a far more satisfying and fitting selection.

1. SHW Big Computer Desk

This desk features a powder-coated steel frame supporting a particleboard work surface for a cost-effective and durable desk. Cable management features are available in the form of two grommets in the desktop surface. The legs are adjustable to enable the desk to be situated on any surface evenly. The desk comes with a set of easy-to-follow instructions and hardware that makes assembly simple.

First Impressions

This was one of the simplest of the desks I looked at, bringing nothing more than was necessary for a suitably sized desk. The minimalist approach and contemporary design meant that it would fit into my dรฉcor perfectly. Since I primarily work with a laptop, this desk had all the storage I really needed, meaning none.

I appreciated the rich color of the surface of the desk and the environmentally-conscious selection of the materials used to construct it. This was one of the two simplest desks I selected, and I strongly considered settling on this one.


  • Low price point
  • Adjustable leg glides
  • Built-in grommets for cable management
  • Simple assembly process
  • Overall dimensions: W: 51โ€ D: 24โ€ H: 28โ€

2. Walker Edison Big Gaming Desk

This desk boasts a beautiful beveled and tempered glass work surface supported by a delicately designed but sturdy frame featuring powder-coated steel.

Included in the assembly are a keyboard tray and a freestanding CPU stand convenient located under the corner desk portion. L-Shape construction maximizes the use of available space while providing an ample work surface.

Desk ships with easy to follow instructions aimed at streamlining the assembly procedure. The desk is out of the box and set up within 15 minutes.

First Impressions

This desk was an attractive option for my workspace, and I found its construction to be suitable for both my tastes and needs. The keyboard tray was a strong selling point for me, as I often would use a USB keyboard for my laptop that helped make typing easier.

The CPU Stand would have been excellent had I need of one, and I always like to see them included with a unit like this.

The powder-coated steel frame was definitely sturdier than it looked, one of the benefits of a well-managed contemporary design like this desk offered. The surface of the desk provided sufficient room for me to work as well as a good place to put additional peripherals like my printer.

While I had ample space in my office for any type of desk, Iโ€™ve always had something of a soft-spot for l-shaped desks. I do wish that this one had grommets to use for wire management, but it was a minor issue in an otherwise beautiful desk.


  • Tempered beveled safety-glass work surface
  • CPU Stand
  • Keyboard Tray
  • Can Be Separated Into Two Desks
  • Overall dimensions: W: 55โ€ D: 23โ€ H: 29โ€

3. Tribesigns Big White Desk

This desk boasts a roomy and efficient style constructed out of E1 particle board. Its design is versatile and can be rotated to face any direction, making it suitable for a broad range of applications.

Shelving provides storage for various peripherals or office supplies, including a printer, router, or other necessities.

Included tools and hardware makes it easy to assemble when paired with the easy-to-follow instructions that are included. Side shelf can be extended to create an L-Shaped desk or moved forward to create a compact desk design.

The powder-coated steel frame and sturdy construction make it capable of supporting up to 900#.

First Impressions

I loved this desk for its versatility, even though I didnโ€™t need the space-saving feature that made the side desk capable of sliding up and under the main desk. I did find it potentially useful for other applications, however.

This desk is deceptively sturdy, its high load capacity making it a perfect option for someone who uses their desk for multiple applications from crafting to simple day to day computing.

The convenient storage shelves make it feasible to include peripherals and other useful items and equipment on hand. Once again, this desk lacks my favorite component in a desk, grommets for easy cable management, but the host of other features it came with kept it on my final five lists.

I personally preferred the black desk over the white one.


  • Adjustable side-desk to create L-Desk configuration
  • Sturdy construction gives 900# load capacity
  • Rotation desk
  • Overall dimensions: W: 55โ€ D: 23โ€ H: 29โ€

4. Luxxetta Big Office Desk

This desk is composed of particleboard laminated with a black surface and supported by a white powder-coated steel frame. Sturdy construction provides a 900# load capacity and serves as a versatile workspace for computing, crafting, or writing.

Simple to assemble thanks to the included hardware and easy to follow instructions. The clean contemporary design makes this piece perfect for any setting.

First Impressions

This desk was, in many ways, an inversion of the first desk on this list as regards appearance. However, it also maintains the same contemporary style of the rest of the pieces in my final five, something which grew increasingly attractive to me as I narrowed down my search.

I didnโ€™t find myself in need of a desk that was both big AND bulky, all I really needed was ample surface space to work with. Like the other desks on this list, this one fit that bill comfortably.

I appreciated the sturdy construction of the desk as I could use it for some of the heavier-duty projects that I engaged in as a past-time without having to concern myself with risking the integrity of the desk.

The desk is effortless to put together, an assembly consisting of a few screws used to affix the frame to the wooden laminate desk plate.

Adjustable bases on the frame made it suitable for use in any space, which came in handy since the floor in my office is slightly uneven. Regrettably, it lacked any cable or wire management options, something that was becoming a bit of a theme.


  • Laminate construction is waterproof
  • The strudy frame ensures 900# load capacity
  • Adjustable foot pads
  • Overall dimensions: W: 55โ€ D: 28โ€ H: 29โ€

5. SHW Big L Shaped Desk

This desk is made from sturdy tempered glass that is beveled for elegance and firmly protected and supported by a powder-coated black steel frame that provides exceptional durability.

The L Shape design makes it suitable for use in any office space and is perfect for taking advantage of a small area. The innovative design includes a raised bar for footrest for additional comfort and ease of use.

Available in black, nickel silver, and white. Lightweight construction and included instructions, tools, and hardware make assembly and relocation a breeze.

First Impressions

This desk ended up being the one that I went with for one simple reason, the footrest. At the time it was more whim than a solid decision that made me choose this rather than the similar example found on this list.

Once I received it, I discovered that that footrest really did add something special to the desk that I hadnโ€™t know I ever wanted.

The sturdy nature of the desk suited my needs perfectly, though I ended up keeping my heavier-duty hobbies in the garage where they belonged. The surface area of this desk provided ample room for both my laptop and printer while leaving plenty of space for any writing I may have needed to do.


  • Raised bar footrest
  • The tempered beveled glass surface
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Overall dimensions: W: 51โ€ D: 19โ€ H: 51โ€

How To Pick A Big Desk

When you set out to select a large desk, itโ€™s going to take some time to filter through all of your available options. It helps to start by creating a list of features and details that you want in your final desk.

These can include options like a keyboard tray, a storage drawer for CPU towers, cable management options, color, material, and countless other considerations.

Once you have your list put together, you can start with the most prominent limiting factor for most people, price. If you have any limitations on size, youโ€™ll want to eliminate those desks next.

After that, itโ€™s all about aesthetics and having enough of the features you want to meet your needs. Donโ€™t be in a hurry to make a decision, however. Take the time to go over the desks you select in detail and make sure that they have the features you require.

Also, check with your supplier to see if they have a return policy, this may give you the option to try each desk out for a while before you finally settle on one. This is most likely with local suppliers, but thereโ€™s plenty of opportunity through companies.

The desk you settle on should be one that youโ€™ll be happy to be working with for years to come.

Finding the perfect big desk for your office can be something of a challenge, and Iโ€™m sure that the designs I selected for my final five may not suit some of you.

However, if youโ€™re looking for a versatile desk that focuses on minimalism and contemporary design, then youโ€™re sure to find something you like in this list above. Let me know what your experiences are and any other great finds you come across in the comments below!

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