Air Cleaners For Smokers – Buyer’s Guide!

Smoking is an acquired taste and smell, some love it, some are impartial to it, and most hate it. The stench of stale smoke settles into clothes and fabrics and will make some people sick to the gut.

However, the olfactory issues with smoking are negligible to the poisonous fumes and particulates that the smoke carries with it, essentially harming bystanders that do not smoke.

This is called second-hand smoking and is as dangerous if not more dangerous than actual smoking because some people are exposed to more second-hand smoke than actual smokers.

List of Top-Rated Air Cleaners For Smokers

1. Oransi EJ120 Hepa Air Purifier with Carbon Filter, White/BlackOransi EJ12038417x10x19inMore Information
2. Beemoon 3 in 1 Mini Air Purifier with HEPA FilterBeemoon 3 in 1 Mini Air Purifier456.7x6.1x6.1inMore Information
3. CleanForce Replacement FilterCleanForce Replacement Filter235 (in an IQAir V5)13x13x3.8inMore Information
4. Airpura T600 Tobacco Smoke Filtration Air PurifierAirpura T60055523x15x15inMore Information
5. Zen Living ZL-3C+ Ionic Air Purifier For SmokersZen Living APUZLADB223010x12x8inMore Information

Now let’s look at five of the best and top rated air cleaner for smokers units.

The Best Air Cleaners For Smokers Reviews

1. Oransi EJ120 Hepa Air Purifier with Carbon Filter, White/Black

This is the Oransi EJ120 Hepa Air Purifier with Carbon Filter in White or Black finish


The EJ120 is a compact and new model of the ERIK650A. The EJ stands for Erik Junior, and yes, it’s smaller, but it is exceptionally powerful with a 384 CADR rating. This model uses only 57W of power and is designed to sit in a 1,500 square foot room.

This model comes with a MERV 17 HEPA filter as well as an Activated Carbon Element Filter that is hospital grade and removes 99.9% of all toxins, bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold spores and other particulates from the air.

The EJ120 comes with 5-speed levels and is quiet and efficient.


  • Proprietary carbon for advanced gas control
  • Effective for allergies, dust, smoke, and gases
  • Simple controls with electronic 5-speed button to dial in the exact air flow.
  • Medical Grade HEPA filter (MERV17)


This is a comprehensive and compact model that sits in every room you desire, instead of just buying one unit, consider every room in your home that comes in contact with tobacco smoke. While this unit is portable, sometimes having more than one is multiplying the overall affectivity.

2. Beemoon 3 in 1 Mini Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

This is the Beemoon 3 in 1 Mini Air Purifier with HEPA Filter


The Beemon is a small localized air cleaner that comes with a powerful HEPA filter as well as an Activated Carbon Element as well. This model is very low noise, only 30dB and is small and convenient for smaller spaces and covers up to 50 square feet.

The dimensions of this compact circular unit are 4.9” diameter by 4.6” height. This is a travel filter too, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The CFM is 20, and the system works with high humidity levels too.


  • Small compact 3W unit
  • CADR 45
  • CFM 20
  • Low noise level 30db


This is a fast solution for small spaces and is a perfect companion for anyone that doesn’t trust the nature of the air in a “foreign” or unknown environment.

3. CleanForce Replacement Filter

This is the CleanForce Replacement Filter, Fits IQAir V5-Cell Gas and Odor Filter, and IQAir HealthPro Plus


This is a filter replacement for the IQAir V5-Cell Gas and Odor Filter, and the IQAir HealthPro Plus cleaners. The filter is a 6.43 pounds activated carbon with potassium permanganate that is odor free and highly catalytic against tobacco smoke.


  • One carbon and potassium element filter
  • 13 x 13 x 3.8 inches
  • For use in the IQAir V5-Cell Gas and Odor Filter, and the IQAir HealthPro Plus cleaner units


The only replacement filter solution for your IQ cleaner units.

4. Airpura T600 Tobacco Smoke Filtration Air Purifier

This is the Airpura T600 Tobacco Smoke Filtration Air Purifier


The Airpura is a cool and large round bin of cleanliness. This air cleaning unit comes in three colors to support the surrounding décor and has a scratch-free powder coated steel housing. This unit is 23” high by 15” in diameter and weighs 53Lbs.

It comes on casters for easy mobility and plugs into any standard wall socket.

The filters in this unit are a 26 Lbs., active carbon with a HEPA filter and pre-filter. This model eliminates 95% of all airborne particles from 1 micron and up, as well as traps all VOC’s from tobacco smoke.

The Airpura comes with a 360° air distribution that works in a 2000 sq. ft area and provides 2 full air exchanges an hour in an 8-foot ceiling room.

The unit comes with a unique TarBarrier pre-filter that is designed to trap tars and remove odors too.


  • Maximum coverage: 2000 sq. ft. (2 air changes/hr)
  • Large room air purifier
  • Adsorbs the 400 harmful and carcinogenic chemicals
  • TarBarrier pre-filter
  • 2 Anti-microbial filters
  • Micro-barrier particle post filter
  • Separately changeable filters
  • Variable Fan Speeds
  • Low noise level
  • Manual controls
  • 360° air intake and outflow
  • 4 casters


This is a commercial grade model. Used for very large areas and for heavy duty use. It’s perfect in the home as well as in the office.

Airpura T600 Tobacco Smoke Air Purifier review

YouTube video

5. Zen Living ZL-3C+ Ionic Air Purifier For Smokers

This is the Zen Living ZL-3C+ Ionic Air Purifier


The Zen Living ZL-3C is a compact square unit used to treats 3000 square foot areas. It comes with a 5-speed fan and includes a six-stage filtration process.

The first stage is a HEPA filter that removes particles from 0.3 microns and above. The second stage is the activated carbon element filter that removes all the tobacco smoke VOC’s and particulates that are 0.3 microns and above.

Stage three is the use of an ultraviolet UV light generator that kills micro-organisms, spores, viruses, and bacteria. The fourth stage includes a Tio2 photo-catalytic filtration system that absorbs all the microorganisms that passed through the UV process and then reaches the fifth stage which is the negative ionization process.

After these five stages, the sixth and final stage is an ozone generator that activates the oxygen content in the air and destroys all the odors that might remain before being expunged as purified air back into the room.


  • Covers up to 3,000 Sq. Ft.
  • 6 Stages of filtration that keeps your air fresh
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Active Carbon Element Filter


This is an exceptional model that comes at a budget-friendly price and delivers one of the top-rated performances of all the models listed here.

How to pick cleaners for air?

Consider what tobacco smoke carries, and then understand the concerns of the medical profession, there are around 250 harmful substances in tobacco smoke, and the NCI National Cancer Institute names them all, some of the more dangerous ones are listed here:

  • Arsenic – a poisonous metal
  • Benzene – an organic compound linked to cancer
  • Beryllium – a reactive metal
  • Cadmium – a toxic metal
  • Chromium – a toxic metal
  • Ethylene Oxide – volatile organic compound
  • Nickel compounds – poisonous when absorbed
  • Polonium 210 – a radioactive element
  • Vinyl Chloride – an organic compound
  • Formaldehyde – poisonous organic compound
  • Toluene – volatile organic compound (VOC)

Smoke from tobacco comes with different sized particles, cigarettes and pipes produce smaller particles than cigars. Air cleaners or purifiers are designed to filter out these particles, and any cigarette filter will essentially manage to purify all tobacco-related fumes.

Take also into consideration that the ash from cigarettes also dissipates into the fumes, and you get a large portion of “black” ash particles floating about, and filling the air with their poison.

This poison settles on clothes every surface, and even when no one is smoking, the particles are all around you and will waft into the air when cleaning, or just walking by and causing an air stream.

Smoke Air Cleaner

A smoke air cleaner or purifier works using two types of filters, a HEPA filter, and a Carbon Element Filter. Both work in the same way but are used to capture different substances.

A HEPA filter (high-efficiency particulate air) is designed to capture particles as small as .3 microns; this will not remove all of the smoke particles. The carbon filter is what is used to capture the remaining smoke elements such as volatiles that react with the carbon and get trapped.

All about CADR

The Clean Air Delivery Rate measures the amount of air and speed a cleaner will purify the air. The higher the CADR, which is essentially CFM (cubic feet per minute), the more efficient the unit. The recommended CADR rates are:

  • Tobacco Smoke 10 to 450 CADR
  • Dust 10 to 400 CADR
  • Pollen 25 to 450 CADR

Consider that a faster CADR will assure that the smoke does not settle on walls, clothes or any surface, and reduces the risk of creating “poison patches” that show up with their yellowish tell-tale signs.

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