5 Useful Gadgets You Can Buy at Black Friday Sales 2019

Black Friday is an action held around the world from November 29 to December 1, when you can buy almost any item at good discounts.

If you have long dreamed of a smart device or wanted to make an excellent gift for the New Year and Christmas to your beloved ones, then this sales period gives you such an opportunity. We present to you the top 5 most profitable and useful gadgets that you can buy this autumn.

Acer Aspire 5 Laptop

A good laptop will be a great purchase or a gift that helps both in work and study and entertainment. Acer is a wonderful representative of the category of laptops, which are not only suitable for performing daily work tasks, but also powerful enough to support heavy programs and computer games. At the same time, this gadget has a quite affordable price. The everyday cost is about $550, while similar models can be as expensive as $800 and more.

CNET has another opinion though.

The laptop is equipped with the 15.6-inch Full HD screen, the 8th gen Intel Core i5-8250U processor, and Windows 10 Home operating system. Besides, Acer Aspire 5 provides 8GB of RAM and 256GB of hard drive capacity. Battery life lasts for 7 hours.

Black Friday allows you to buy this gadget on sale for $399, i.e., with a 25% discount.

Roomba i7 robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners became an integral part of our everyday life as they help forget about such a dull and bitter daily duty as floor cleaning. And it`s a real relief that we can buy them with a significant discount this November. Save time, efforts, and money choosing one of the best Roomba Black Friday deals – Roomba i7.

Roomba i7 is a flagship of iRobot company that performs dry floor cleaning and air purifying. Its double roller-extractors and 1700 Pa suction capture dirt, while the HEPA filter filtration system holds 99% of harmful particles. The robot can determine the floor type and pollution degree, avoid obstacles and saves in memory the plans and names of rooms up to several floors. This navigation system is based on iAdapt 3.0 and Imprint Smart Mapping technologies.

The iRobot vacuum has one outstanding innovation, which is called Automatic Dirt Disposal. Roomba i7 does the cleaning of the house, and then independently empties its dustbin from dirt on the dock station. Mind that the i7 set doesn`t include the Dirt Disposal station, so you need to buy it additionally. If you want to get the whole kit of accessories, choose Roomba i7+.

Besides, Roomba i7 provides control through the iRobot HOME application and supports smart speakers with Google and Alexa voice assistants.

Now the price of the gadget is $599. From November 29 to December 1, you`ll be able to save up to 20%. At the moment, there are offers at $109 off.

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa

And if you haven`t got a smart speaker for voice control over home devices yet, then here is an excellent opportunity to buy it with a 30% discount. During the Black Friday period, the price per unit will be just $69, while the non-sale price of the speaker is $99.

This device provides you not only with the voice control over your robot vacuum cleaner, but also control over other household devices and the entire house.

The smart Amazon Echo speaker has a neat and stylish design that fits in any interior and is powered by 220V. On the top, there are volume and microphone switches, as well as an LED rim that lights up when you talk to your Echo.

The Amazon Echo speaker is designed as a multi-room element for managing Smart Home systems that supports Alexa voice assistant. To configure the device, you should just download the Amazon Alexa application on your smartphone and synchronize all available smart accessories with the Echo station. After that, you will get access to remote control of connected gadgets and the interaction of all devices with the Amazon voice assistant. The standard functions of this station also include playing music, ordering a taxi, food, goods from the Amazon store, as well as listening to the latest news, weather, exchange rates, and other requests processed by Alexa.

I also recommend a chart on Forbes.

Xbox One X Game Console

Good news for fans of game worlds and mega realistic graphics. Right from November 29, you will be able to purchase the most powerful console Xbox One X with a 20% discount. An exclusive updated game system will be available at $399 instead of the usual $499.

This console is 40% more powerful than its competitors and allows you to plunge fully into games with a resolution of 4K. The original 8-core AMD processor runs at 2.3 GHz, providing enhanced artificial intelligence, realistic graphics, and smooth gaming. The powerful 12 GB GDDR5 high-speed graphics memory allows you to create even larger worlds and reduce load time. The game memory bandwidth is 326 GB/sec, so your game flows quickly and without intermission. Also, the Xbox One X is equipped with the latest Dolby Atmos sound technology, which makes it a good base for the home entertainment center.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 Blender

Christmas sales will hit kitchen gadgets too. Take the opportunity to update your kitchen appliances or make a desirable and necessary gift. On this Black Friday, you can get a new blender and food processor Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 for $139 instead of $189.

This machine quickly and thoroughly processes all kinds of products from soft banana to hard nuts. You can choose between 3 operation modes and make cocktails, juices, and smoothies; chop, shred and slice fruits, vegetables, ice in a few seconds. You can also mix dough for bread and other pastries. All parts of the blender are easily disassembled and cleaned. The bowl volume is 72 Oz., which significantly exceeds the size of most blenders. The box includes several blades for different types of products and a 1500W base.

You can buy all these and many other gadgets for entertainment, work, kitchen, and home at great Black Friday discounts. You see that it`s easy to save money while buying things. All you need is to monitor the deals and reviews on our website carefully.

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